Charts And Wonders

by Earth Calling Angela

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released July 10, 2012

Written and performed by Earth Calling Angela

(c) (p) 2012 The Streetlight Farm


all rights reserved



Earth Calling Angela San Francisco, California

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Track Name: Cast
Petals drawn from lifeless flowers
Passed from hand to hand
Cast aside
Find a new reminder
You're the last remaining answer

You think Heaven seems right sometimes
You think everyone dies sometime

How can you?

How can you listen when you're screaming loud?
How can you hold me with your arms stretched out?
Track Name: Sweet Misery
Seen your face a hundred times
I know it serves its own damn purpose
Played your clown so many times
I'm living in your own damn circus
But now it ends
For here she comes
My one true love
Her will be done

All I see, sweet misery

Misery her middle name
She won my heart for which I'll pay
Her darkest dreams are mine to reach
Her everlasting soul she'll keep

All I see, sweet misery
Track Name: The Map On The Back Of Her Heart
I am left here to wonder on turning so wrong
I am terribly lonely since she came along
I am one of her own I am rarely so far from shoreline
But she is the song that plays over the water at night

You can't read the map on the back of her heart
You won't understand how she feels without tearing it out

I am lost in the moment I'm sad and I'm wrong
I am terribly lonely since she came along
I can barely remember the flickering light on home tides
But she's imperceptibly far in distance and I am sailing on

She can't read the map on the back of her heart
She won't ever find love without tearing it out
Track Name: To Believe
When you stepped outside you were out of line
When the guns all died everyone seemed fine
In the candlelight of the time you met
With the sharpest sight you find that you forget yourself

Stand down your crowd
Take a number and expect your world to change
You're a little bit lost and not so proud you should turn away

You don't have to be in love to believe in love.
Seek and you will find.
You don't have to be in love to believe in love.
The pain is by design.

When you stepped inside you were out of time
In the candlelight everyone seemed silent as they stared

Stand by your line
Take a letter and expect her rules to change
You're a little bit lost and not so wrong you deserve to stay

You don't have to be in love to believe in love.
Track Name: Paradise
Take the wall down
Tell the keeper stand strong
We all fall wrong

Outside takes a long time living
The world falls right along

We're nothing
Form a second line
If you want nothing more than these arms

Tell the keeper you're done
Start leaving home
If you want nothing more

Loving takes so long, so far I
Feel in fear, I
Hear in here

And you know we're in paradise
Track Name: The Boy In The Photograph
I came apart to let you through
A chrysalis revealing a new you
The pain and anguish
You left it all in me
Now I'm done, spent, left behind
No place here for me

I'm the boy in the photograph
The one you left behind
I'm the boy in the shadows
Crying tears you couldn't cry
I'm the boy in the photograph
Lost under the floor
Left behind forever no need for me anymore

I'll say it loud so you might hear
You can't escape your past forever dear
I'll catch up with you
Somewhere down the road
And I'll throw my arms around you as your sorry world explodes

I'm the boy
The one you left behind
Look into my eyes
Your pleasure should be mine
There's no place here for me now
There's no room at the inn
Open up your heart you'll find a piece of me within
Track Name: The Wild
Here we are
Care for all you are
On and on and on
Nothing ever ends

Care to wonder more
We remember all you are
And on and on
We try to make amends

And from the wild we sing
How fair in love we are
And for a while it seems
That no-one means us harm
But like a childish dream
Be careful where you fall
And stay of top of your scene

Least we're not alone
For company
Pretend it's who we are

Build another wall
Forget the lot of you
Care to save us all
And stay for who we are
Track Name: Empathy
Heart of mine, fall to fever
All or everything you see here
Fair to find, but hard to leave her
Far flung land of misdemeanor

She will recognize your fear and doubt your will to empathy
Charts and wonders stretch before you
Hell to pay before she wants to

She will fall in line
With her last remaining sigh
And she won't repay your time
If you don't remember how to feel enchanted by her lies

Heart and mind start to falter
All or everything you leave here

Fair to cry but hard to hold her hand until you've overthrown these
Outcast indivisions
Hell to stay with no revisions
She remembers all who loved her
Far flung souls without an answer

She will fall in line
Track Name: Enough
Still stand here alone
Fall in love again, here alone
Feel the river run, raining time
Feel the river run dry
That diamond don't shine
And you know you why
You wanted to be there
To be there

You know it's all fine
You know it takes so many find
Because it seems so end of line

Because it's seems so
You will know
Heaven's got to be there when you go
So, high or low
Take it when it's over and you'll know

If you stay here long enough
Time will not forgive you and you
Wont be strong enough
Nothing left to hold her under
Stay here lying low
Trying to remember how to
Be her heart and soul
Take it when it's over and you'll know